10 things your dog must be exposed to!


Whatever your dog’s breed is, your dog must know and socialize with all kinds of things, and to get used to these things if you want a true friend, a long lasting friendship with your dog, then you must make him exposed to these things. Here are 10 things your dog must be exposed to, in a good way, to make him a well-behaved dog.

1-Kids. Kids are loud, sometimes irritating, and they could annoy your dog easily. You must let your dog have an encounter with kids of all ages, and they don’t have to be long encounters.

boys with dog

2-Senior citizens. Older people can be hard to interact with dogs. They need patience, and they don’t have the energy that you might have.


3-Things that has wheels. Dogs have an enmity with anything with wheels, whether that thing was a car or a bicycle, they have a bad reaction to them. Like chasing and barking at them, or just staying away as possible from wheels. It’s better to teach your dog that wheels are nothing to be feared of.


4-Other types of animals. Dogs should know that other animals exist. All dogs are bound to meet any type of animal in their lifetime, mostly cats, so you have to make sure that they are kind with any other animal. Maybe let a cat come visit you every once in a while.


5-Sounds. Some dogs get afraid of weird voices and sounds, like thunderstorms, fireworks, cars, vacuums, etc. Try in his younger years to teach him that these sounds are not to be feared of.


6-Dogs. Sometimes dogs who do not socialize with other dogs, hate dogs. You must let your dog socialize with others.


7-Handling. Get your puppy to get used to handling. Squeeze their pads gently, touch their ears and tail, and handle their feet. Make sure you have treats for them so it would be done positively.


8-Men and women. If you are alone in the house, only one owner for the dog, remember that the dog needs to be around the opposite gender.


9-Strange surfaces. Dogs like to be tactile. They must be used to walk on weird surfaces, like carpets, concrete, grass, etc.


10-Grooming products. Your dog should get used to trimming just like handling. Get them used to the blow drier and brush.