11 fractures and 3 broken legs for a 6 months old puppy! It is even INSANE to find these are not the worst injuries!

In New Zealand, 18 years old teenager named Logan Smoor had been taken by his own guilt and sentenced to jail for 18 months. He was charged of abusing Kia, the 6 months cross-breed puppy, causing her abundant amount of terrible and severe injuries, including full sight loss in her right eye, breaking 3 of her legs, fracturing her head, ribs and lower jaw! The below photos of the poor puppy are shocking!

In the last year, the SPCA recoded that animal abuses has increased significantly across Canterbury. Still, the witnessing Canterbury SPCA staff all agreed on that, “this is the worst act of cruelty they have ever seen!


During his father’s overseas trip, Smoor was responsible for Kia. But when the father got back, he was shocked to find the little pup was starving and suffering horrible several injuries in her head, and legs. He immediately took the distressed puppy to the SPCA. But unluckily, he was just too late to save her!


Last Friday, the guilty teenager was sentenced in Christchurch District Court on two charges of ill-treating animals. Judge Jane Farish decided to prevent putting any more animals at risk of being with Smoor. Therefore, she judged that he would never have any chance of owing pets for life. Besides, Logan Smoor deserved a sentenced period of 15 months in jail. This sentence is a clear warning that any animal abuser should think of before harming any poor animal!

Other four charges were also directed to the teenager!

Killing a rat pet, torturing Kia, assaulting a woman, and damaging a public bus!


In addition to the animal abuse cruel crime, Smoor admitted in court that he is responsible for killing his pet rat, and assaulting a woman various times. The woman testified in court that she had been slapped, punched, burnt with a lighter, and scratched with a knife by smoor! Moreover, Smoor had been also charged for damaging a public bus window!


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