11 owners and dogs’ pictures while sleeping together!

Sleeping next to your dog can be pretty much a heaven to you. It’s like a heaven full of dogs, and you’re always happy about it. Sleeping with your dog always helps you forgetting about your day, and finally getting a peaceful sleep. However, sleeping with your dog sometimes can definitely take a sharp, wrong turn, like him sleeping with his butt on your face! Here in this article, you will see dogs sleeping with their owners in weird positions, some even left their owners to sleep on the floor! Here are 11 dogs sleeping with their owners in a hilarious way:

1.Now it’s a disaster if you forget to brush your teeth!


2.Napping buddies! A little weird, but really really cute!


3.For when winter comes, this man got himself a head warmer; what a genius!


4.Because your dog always wins when it comes to who sleeps on the bed game, it’s pretty adorable.


5.Not sure if she could breathe or not, but we hope she had a good night sleeping next to her buddy.


6.Another one that lost at the who sleeps on the bed game, he loves his dog so much, doesn’t he?


7.Aaaaaand we have another winner! Good job, doggie!


8.I’m pretty sure that the dog took that position after his owner went to sleep! Poor owner, if he woke up, he will be pretty stunned. Would you sleep in this position with your dog?


9.Because sometimes, winter nights are so cold and you’ll need something to warm you up. Or if you’re a bit upset, you will have your cuddling buddy.


10.”Dear dog, you need to understand that it’s just not how it used to be. You grew up, and you’ve become a little bit too heavy. No offense.”


11.Aww! A baby cuddling with her pug friends, I hope they won’t fart!


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