11 things our dogs do that makes us happier than ever.


How happy does your dog make you? He probably makes you so happy. Despite all their weirdness, and the mess they always cause in your house, you just can’t stop yourself from looking at your dog and feeling that he is all what your life depends on, and without him you’d be literally a depressed, old guy. There are so many things that our dogs do that makes us feel happier, and even if it’s a Monday, we are still smiling, and here are 11 of those things that makes us a tad happier than everyone.

1.When you wake up to your dog being excited as ever for the day ahead of you. Dogs are always jumping around and running like it’s their last day in this world.


2.When you have an adopted dog, you will watch him eat everything that you put for him, but then after a while, he gets picky about his food. Even though it’s kind of a bad thing, but it just means that he isn’t hungry or scared anymore.


3.When you see your dog making friends, you accomplished your goal of socializing him properly.


4.Always having the excuse of having to walk your dog to get out of places or situations you don’t want to be in.


5.When you make eye contact with your dog, it’s like they are talking to you.

7-15-2015 11-09-14 PM

6.When you smell their freshly groomed body!

7-15-2015 11-10-03 PM

7.When your dog asleep and you turn on the lights.

7-15-2015 11-10-34 PM

8.When your dog groans because stirred and interrupted their nap.

7-15-2015 11-11-09 PM

9.When you come back after being away for a while, even for a day!

10.How they always make sure you’re still here, even if they are busy playing.


11.When they wait for you after the shower to lick you and make sure you’re okay.


In other words, dogs are awesome!

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