11 Ways Your Dog helps you Stay Healthy

Dogs are undeniably the most important part of their owners’ lives. Not only do dogs help us psychologically by brightening up the room, but they also help us become a better version of ourselves all around. Here’s how our dogs help us stay healthy!

  1. Our dogs encourage us to be generally more active. No matter what the weather is, or what mood you’re in, you have to walk your dog.7-13-2015 1-53-47 PM
  2. Once you’re used to walking your dog everyday, it will open the window for more activity.desktop-1435868483
  3. While your dog looks for the perfect place to do his thing, you will be kept on your toes, following him around, and you just might find yourself panting!desktop-1435868861
  4. Dogs love to run, and unless you’ll let them off leash, you have to join them!7-13-2015 2-00-30 PM
  5. Our dogs encourage us to be outside on a daily basis even if for a few hours.desktop-1435869001
  6. Even if you don’t go for a walk, your dog will love playing a simple game of Frisbees with you, that means you’ll move, and there’s just no way out.desktop-1435868908
  7. Our dogs make us laugh, and we can go on forever about the health benefits of laughter.desktop-1435871266
  8. Dogs keep their owners company all the time. Say goodbye to feeling lonely.desktop-1435869698
  9. Dogs are a sure tool to help you make new friends. If your dog makes a friend with another dog, you have to make friends with that dog’s owner!desktop-1435872295
  10. When you’re responsible for your dog’s health, you’ll learn to care more for yours too.desktop-1435871766
  11. Dogs are fantastic companions for any activity, including workout. That’s all the motivation I need!desktop-1435869537


I’m sure if I had more time, I could get more benefits of having a pet dog. What other ways does your dog help you become a better person? Share with us in the comments, and share this list with your fellow dog lovers.

(via Bark Post)