12 dogs swimming in the water with their human owner!

It’s finally summer and all humans, and dogs, want to jump in and stay in the water for a lifetime. I mean, I wouldn’t blame them; they just want to cool off. Already dogs are good at swimming, not all of them, but most of them are, and they wouldn’t mind jumping in at any time. Well, we have a similar story in here.

7-26-2015 1-28-03 AM

In this video, you will see the most adorable thing ever. Taking place in Samut Songkhram, Thailand, 12 Golden Retrievers decided to show off their excellent swimming abilities with their owner, and they were actually swimming and following him. They are all adorable, and you can see one dog that was still outside the water, but then he decided to join the fun and he jumped and started swimming with his friends. It’s great that they have an owner that likes to have fun with them, and they all look healthy and well cared for. Well, I can definitely say that I’m so envy of that man to be swimming with those adorable dogs, wish I was in his place.

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Golden Retrievers are known for being excellent swimmers. They are also known to be perfect family dogs, they like being with their human pack. They are intelligent, always want to please their humans, and they like sports. Their intelligence makes them good at being working dogs. They are excellent dogs when it comes to working as therapy and assisting dogs. Golden Retrievers do not work as watching dogs, because when a stranger approaches, they will smile and wag their tails.

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Golden Retriever’s lifespan is an average from 10 to 12 years, and they need someone who will be able to care for them all the time. They need daily brushing because they shed heavily, and they need daily exercises. You will definitely need to read more and more about the breed before getting a Golden Retriever dog, but they are really awesome dogs, don’t worry.