15 Facts about Animals that will blow your mind

The animal kingdom is the most interesting thing to learn about. With the variety of species and creatures, there’s no limit to what you could find out about them. So, today, we decided to have some fun with some facts about animals you’ve never heard before.


Here are some of the most interesting facts about animals!


  1. When dogs sneeze in the presence of other dogs, they are trying to show the other dog that they are playful not aggressive.desktop-1406693864.png
  2. Recently, studies found out that goats actually have various accents.desktop-1406693865.png
  3. A group of rabbits is called a “fluffle”, and a group of pugs is called “grumbles”..such accurate names!desktop-1406693866.png
  4. Crows are very intelligent birds, so they play pranks on each other for fun.desktop-1406693868.png
  5. Newborn pandas are actually lighter than a cup of tea.desktop-1406693875.png
  6. As for dogs, each dog has a unique nose print, exactly like a human’s fingerprint.desktop-1406693877.png
  7. Fireflies are not harmful at all, they don’t sting or carry viruses and diseases.desktop-1406693885.png
  8. A tuna fish has the ability to swim for 40 miles a day!desktop-1406693890.png
  9. The US has the biggest number of dogs in the world, and France comes after it.desktop-1406693902.png
  10. Bulls are actually color blind, so they can’t distinguish the color red.desktop-1406693903.png
  11. Frogs’ skin allows them to absorb water through it.desktop-1406693907.png
  12. As giraffes age, their fur actually grows darker.desktop-1406693911.png
  13. Adult bears can run in speeds equal to those of a horse.desktop-1406693917.png
  14. Hummingbirds are in fact the only birds in the bird kingdom that can fly backwards!desktop-1406693919.png
  15. Swimming at about 0.01 miles per hour, seahorses are the slowest fish in the sea.desktop-1406693920.png


Wow, this list blew my mind! What other interesting and weird animal facts do you know? Share with us in the comments, and don’t forget to share this with your friends and family and any animal lovers you know!