16 Labradoodles not guilty about the trouble they caused, at all.

Ever owned a Labradoodle? Well, no? Then you are definitely missing the load of adventures and troubles that both of you will go through! Labradoodles are funny and adorable, and they will brighten up your day, and your whole life. However, they can be a tad naughty, troublemakers, and you know, the kind of dogs that would eat rabbits’ poop and lick armpits. They are hilarious, and they might become a lot to handle, but your love for them will only increase. So here we have 16 dogs that got caught doing weird things, and their owners decided to try shaming them, but they are not guilty again, and they would do it again, all over again.

1.We have this dog, Stanlee, that ate his owner’s fall pumpkin candle, and he apparently finds it dee-lish. It’s like he is saying, “I know it’s wrong, but moooom, it was dee-lish!”