18 things dog owners will definitely relate to!

This is why we love our dogs. Their actions and the way they live are absolutely hilarious and adorable. They never fail to make us laugh, or smile. Every dog’s owner will relate to everything in this article. If you own a dog, then you will definitely have endless laughter. They are amazing and unique; they have special traits that will definitely amaze you. They have fears, yet they have the weirdest passions of all time, it’s awesome really. But no matter what, they will always love you unconditionally. So if you’re a dog owner, check the photos below, you will definitely relate.

1.Whenever you would try to eat, you will always find your dog right next to you.

6-28-2015 5-15-56 PM

2.”Of course I do, master. What kind of question is that?”

6-28-2015 5-16-51 PM

3.Aww! Isn’t this the truth or what?

6-28-2015 5-17-13 PM

4.”I probably shouldn’t have done this, but my owner will love me anyway.”

6-28-2015 5-17-42 PM

5.Dogs’ logic.

6-28-2015 5-18-05 PM

6.We love dog’s art!

6-28-2015 5-18-39 PM

7.He doesn’t really care, floors are definitely better.

6-28-2015 5-19-15 PM

8.Cutting nails problems.

6-28-2015 5-19-48 PM

9.Your dog wouldn’t eat the food from the can but is ready to eat it from your hand? Welcome to the club.

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6-28-2015 5-20-45 PM

10.Beware of farts! Open your windows, people!

6-28-2015 5-21-12 PM

11.Aww! I wouldn’t mind holding my dog like that!

6-28-2015 11-58-15 PM

12.The hidden rule! You must not break it!

6-28-2015 11-59-06 PM

13.The dogs’ feeders!

6-29-2015 12-04-08 AM

14.”Dear owner, oh how much I love you, please take me on a walk??!”

6-29-2015 12-04-23 AM

15.Always be loyal to your dog. You might have other people or things to love, but he has nothing but you, you’re his whole world.

6-29-2015 12-04-50 AM

16.He will probably change his mind. I always do, anyway.

6-29-2015 12-04-50 AM

17.FAILED! But they still look cute, don’t they?

6-29-2015 12-06-40 AM


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