21 Dogs That Definitely Regret Their Life Choices


Dogs aren’t always the smartest, and we have a proof. This is for everyone who is having a bad day; it will make you laugh so hard! While our kids say the stupidest things, dogs DO the stupidest things. These photos here will amaze you, our dogs are so curious that sometimes they get stuck in things, and it’s too difficult not to laugh. They are adorable either ways, but they need to get a check up on their life choices. Here are 21 photos of dogs that most probably regret their life choices. They were probably thinking, “Human, come free me, and stop taking pictures.”

1.”Huh, the view is pretty good from up here.”


2.”I don’t know what I was thinking. I thought I could get away without anyone noticing… PEOPLE, help me!”


3.”I suddenly came to realize that I’m afraid of heights.”


4.”I swear, this tree was not here a second ago.”


5.”My humans constantly told me to not eat bees. But I did.”