3 terrified orphans thrown in the trash to die. But look at their faces when Mom shows up


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Once people found these three puppies desperately screaming for help, they were extremely shocked at what they saw. The three newborn puppies were all thrown in the trash just like garbage while their umbilical cords still attached to their bodies. Although the three puppies were found alive and in good health, this incident is certainly depressing, and it causes even the calmest of people to feel rage.

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Kindhearted persons immediately rushed the three tiny puppies to the Fond du Lac Humane Society, where the one-day-old puppies had been given the care needed to survive, and were able to make it, luckily!

Now, there is another problem, unfortunately. Although the puppies’ foster mom is already exerting so much effort to take care of the three of them, she does not have enough money to afford the special puppy formula she needs to feed them. Her budget is dwindling, and the trio is down to the very last bottle.

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When puppies are this young, they are in crucial need an actual dog mom to get all the nutrients needed, which present sufficiently in the natural milk of the mom. Therefore, the Humane Society is searching and begging for anyone to bring a nursing mama dog to nurse these poor puppies along with her own babies.

While it is hard to find the awful person who could do this horrible action to these newborn puppies, it is very much relieving to know that the trio of puppies had made it through the very worst of it. Thankfully, the three puppies still have the chance to find a happy new forever home, where they will receive the love, care, and all the respect they deserve. Keep these adorable puppies in your thoughts and prayers!

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