36 Extraordinary And Perfectly Timed Dog Pictures

16-11-2015 11-15-29 ص

Life with dogs is full of funny and extraordinary moments. It’s fun to have them around, and it’s fun seeing them explore the world they live in. They’re very curious, they like sniffing everything, and they always want to know what exactly is happening. They like posing for pictures too, and they want to be with their human friends all the time. However, it might sometimes lead to a weird picture… like these 36 very funny photos!

1.”I had a very tiring day. It’s time to hug my human and watch TV. Oh, and block his face from the picture.”


2.”Traffic is so bad these days.”

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3.This picture is hilarious!


4.Well, this should be a very delicious ice-cream.


5.”Work was not okay today.”