4 Things to do if your dog is missing


The first thing thatever comes to our minds is to chase after the dog or calling its name, but is this the right thing to do?! It is found that when the dog is missing, it goesto survival mode and its brain doesn’t recognize your own voice and it even terrifies it. In its way to escape from you, it might put itselfin danger!

Here are some suggestions to help you bring your dog back:-

  1. Leave something that has your scent

As we all know dogs are created with a powerful sense of smell that differs a lot from the human’s and even most creatures. So keep this information in your mind and utilize it well. Leave something that has your scent near the last place where your dog lost and put some strong smelling food beside your scentedthings. Chances are many to attract your dog.


  1. Power of Social Media

We live in the technology age that makes our lives much easier. We all have the social media fever, we are all connected! Use this! Consider different networks particularly Facebook, post about your missing dog and ask your friends to share on their profiles and groups. The more they share, the better chances are to find your dog. Stay connected and check all updates.



Flyers are extremely important, make them simple and concise. Be careful from mean or bad people? Describing your dog with the word “shy” is very helpful for two reasons;the first one is to avoid mean people chasing it and the second reason is to encourage good people that really want to help to call you.


4.Never give up

Never lose hope to find your dog and be sure that it can survive untilyou reunite again.