5 Examples of Loyal Dogs Throughout History

You don’t have to be a dog owner to realize how much of a blessing having a dog around is. Dogs are incredibly kind and compassionate. Dogs are known for staying loyal to their owners and their family, no matter how long the separation is. These stories throughout history carry the proof.


  1. Constantine, AKA Kostya
    When she and her owners were in a car crash in the year 1995 in Russia, Constantine was the only one to survive the crash. The German Shepherd dog, nicknamed Kostya by the locals, came back every day to the same spot where the crash happened, for 7 years.7-27-2015 6-05-52 PM
  2. Old Shep
    After his master died in 1936, Shep, who is a Border Collie, witnessed his owner’s coffin being loaded into a train in Fort Benton, Montana. For six years after that day, Shep went back to the station every day to wait for his owner to return.7-27-2015 6-06-33 PM
  3. Hachiko
    This Akita dog has become a symbol of loyalty in Japan. After his master died, Hachiko didn’t let go of his habit of waiting for his master’s train to arrive to the station every day, for the following 9 years.7-27-2015 6-08-11 PM
  4. Fido
    Fido lived with his master in Borgo San Lorenzo, near Florence, Italy, in 194. When an air raid took place during World War II, his master, Carlo Soriani, died. Still, Fido hoped to meet him at the bus stop coming home from work as every day..for 14 years.7-27-2015 6-08-48 PM
  5. Greyfriars Bobby
    This Skye Terrier from Edinburgh, Scotland, spent every day next to his master’s grave, after his master died in 1989. Bobby died 14 years later, never missing a day next to his deceased owner.

7-27-2015 6-09-45 PM

These stories always simply blow my mind. Share these wonderful tales of love and loyalty with your family and friends.