5 reasons why taking your dog on a date is the best idea ever.

Make sure to keep on a strong bond between you and your dog, and go on a date with him! See these 5 reasons, and you will probably change your mind.

1.It will make both of you happier!

Studies have proven that dog owners are way happier than people who do not own a dog at all. Which makes the thought of both of you going out together a good idea, hence not only you will be happy, but also your dog will love walking and going out to new places. As long as he is with you, he will hundred percent enjoy his time.


2.It will make you and your dog healthier.

Taking your dog out in general requires a lot of walking, and running, and it will benefit you and your dog hence you will be doing a lot of physical activity. Also dogs are known to reduce anxiety and depression, and they also improve the heart’s health.


3.You will have a social life.

There’s a possibility for your dog to introduce to new people, put you in awkward situations, and you will have new friends. Maybe something else than a friend. Like, 101 Dalmatians. Wink, wink.

4.You will get to know that real meaning of relaxation.

Walking with your dog relieves the tension you have inside, and it is definitely not like going on a date with a human. There’s no drama that your dog would tell you about, he will just want more food.


5.You will have a better friendship with your dog.

It’s important to keep on a good and strong bond, and it is kept strong when you spend lots and lots of time together. Dogs always know how to make us feel good, and protective, and your dog feels the same with you.