5 Ways To Celebrate Events With Your Pet

Celebrate-Love-Your-Pet-Day 10-4-2015 11-40-27 PM

During World Animal Day, its best to join the global community that works hard to save animals, even with the simplest things, so if you are an animal lover, here we come to you with a bunch of ideas of how you can participate in the World Animal Day.

1-Celebrate with your pet:

Set it as a tradition, during this joyous day celebrate it with your beloved family member.  Dedicate the day for them, by buying them a toy or a delicious treat that you know they love.  You can also take the time to make some of their favorite treats.

2-If you have a dog, come to the NYC Dog Film Festival:

Going to the movie theater is heaps of fun, so imagine what it’s like for you dog; it’s an amazing adventure that you can experience with your dog. It’s the first of its kind, and it’s taking place this weekend.  You can find out more about this event online, so plan your trip this weekend.

10-4-2015 11-40-27 PM

3-Make a Halloween costume for your pet:

As Halloween is coming up, it’s a chance to start crafting your pet’s Halloween costume. It’s also an amazing chance to spend the day with your pet.


You spend ample of time time with your dog, why not go and volunteer to help animals in shelters?  We all know that life in shelters can be lonely and miserable.  They need to be shown some acts of kindness and love.  Go walk the dogs who live in shelters, play with them, and give them your time.


You can donate to one of those non-profit organizations that work hard to rescue animals in need.   With your donation, you will give those animals another chance of a decent life. Don’t forget, you don’t have to just donate money, food and toys are also welcomed at these shelters.