6 dog breeds that are absolutely perfect for seniors.

Life will be way better and more amazing when you own dogs, because they are the best companions, and in that old age, senior citizens need a dog that fulfils their life with happiness. But not every breed will be suitable to be a senior citizen’s good friend, there are some breeds that need lots of exercising and playing, but seniors need a lap dog, who will watch TV with them, read with them and sleep beside them, a dog that will need little needs, less care and less exercises. So here are 6 dog breeds suitable for elder members of your family.


It’s one of the best choices for elder people, they won’t need lots of time to exercise, they are good companions, they are known to be sleepy dogs, and they sleep about 14 hours per day.


Image source: @MartinCooper via Flickr

2- Maltese

That furry cute little four legged friend will be the best companion. This dog’s best time is to sleep on his owner’s lap. But they are so energetic and they need some more grooming.


Image source: @Simon_sees via Flickr

3-Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise dogs are cute and furry, grooming alert is set here. They are playful and full of energy, which will be lots of entertaining for seniors, but he also loves to sleep on his owner’s lap.


Image source: @Spilltojill via Flickr

4-Yorkshire Terrier

It’s one of the best choices for senior citizens, but they do need lots of grooming, they are energetic but they won’t need lots of time to exercise.


Image source: @emilydickinsonridesabmx via Flickr


I know it’s surprising, especially that this breed is more bigger than the previous, but they are gentle and kind, especially if you will chose a retired one, they will be the greatest choice for those who want a big dog.



Image source: @Lizwest via Flickr

6-Italian Greyhound

Same like the above, but this breed will love more to sit on your lap, but it will need some more exercises so it will be the perfect choice for those active seniors.


Image source: @Jean via Flickr