7 Tiny Chihuahua Share The Same House. Wait To See Who’s Their Dad


Life can’t get any cuter!

Recently, the world gets more amazing with seven doses of cuteness or let’s say eight doses to be more accurate!

Seven adorable little Chihuahuas including Yuta, Hana, Nami, Mocha, and Kuma live with their human mother in Bangkok, Thailand. The big loving family consists of five siblings and their Chi-Chi two parents.

However, the little Chihuahuas live under the same roof under the provision of the family’s other pet –Ritchie the cat.


Ritchie the cat plays the role of a caring father to these seven little Chihuahuas and the unique bond between them is documented on social media.

Richie the cat is always beside his seven little Chihuahuas, keeping them by his side, paying attention and let them lay down and have rested on his white and gray fur.

Enjoy the following photos of the adorable little family.


  • These seven adorable Chihuahuas lie with their human mother in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • On the left, Ritchie, the cat, the incredible white gray fur big cat who plays the role of their protective loving father.
  • Ever since their human mom uploaded their photos on social media, Richie the cat and Chi-Chi have gone viral on the internet.
  • As seen in this photo, Richie gets closer to the tiniest Chihuahua, Kuma.
  • Wherever Richie goes, Kuma follows him right away.
  • And he is always there to offer a soft warming place on which the dogs can have some rest.
  • Have sweet dreams, the sweetest family!

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