8 Steps to take when you find a dog locked in a car


Summer is not a tough time for just humans. In fact, compared to dogs, what we suffer from the heat is really not that big of a deal.
And still, some irresponsible owners leave their dogs in their cars while running errands on a hot day. According to the Humane Society of the US, when it’s 90 degrees fahrenheit outside, it can get to 99 degrees inside a car in just under 10 minutes.
So here’s what you should do in case you found a dog locked in a car:

1. Be sure you know what the laws and penalties are in your town or state for leaving a dog in a car. Keep the police non-emergency line number with you all the time.

2. Take down the car’s information, this will help in identifying the owner.

3. Try your best to find the owner by going into the nearest buildings and asking them to announce there is a situation.

4.  Can’t find the owner? You should now call authorities. Make sure you act fast in favor of the overheated dog.

Boxer Puppy in Rear Seat of Car
5. Don’t leave the dog alone! Make sure you look out for signs of heat stroke all the time.

6. If help doesn’t arrive in time and you’re sure the dog is in dire danger, take matters into your own hands to get the dog out.

7. Quickly get the dog to an air conditioned space and give him/her cool water to drink.

8. Most importantly, spread awareness! Make sure everyone realizes the dangers of leaving an animal in the car,

5537aa847c56d-600x398even if for under 5 minutes. Sometimes the dog’s stamina can’t withstand even 2 minutes of scorching, concentrated heat.

Don’t forget to share these 8 tips with your family and friends, you could help in saving a dog’s life.