A 17 years old Pit bull is searching for a home and a second chance.


Image source: Urgent Death Row Dogs

Many people underestimate the amount of money that they will pay if they have a dog, especially if these dogs need medical care or have special issues need special care; they dump their dogs into shelters. The sad look in his eyes is able to make you draw in tears; the beautiful Bucky is a 17-year-old pit bull who urgently needs to be rescued. He was dumped by his owners at the Animal Care and Control in New York City, Bucky just wants a second chance in life and to be loved.


Bucky has run out of time at the shelter, he was due for euthanasia on February 28 and it may he lives the last moments in his life, if you can help him, please don’t hesitate to contact the Animal Car. His code at the Animal Care is #A1029076 at Animal Care and Control in NY. According to animal control, he is doing well; he walks sweetly on the leash, he also house trained. If you can adopt him, please open your heart to this senior; calling (212) 788-4000, you will be answered by IVR who will give you instructions you should follow. If you can’t adopt this senior at this time, don’t forget to share Bucky’s story to help him find a home!


The National Council Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP) has published a recent study in July in the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science (JAAWS), this study was about the reason of why the pets end up in the shelters, the study was conducted by, they selected randomly 12 animal from the shelters. The first reason for the most of those animals was moving into new home; they found that sometimes people move into new home and they don’t have the necessary space for their pets, so they can’t take them.