A 4 years old girl controlling 6 pit bull dogs at their feeding time! Mind Blowing.

A 4 years old girl controlling 6 pit bull dogs at their feeding time! Mind Blowing.

This video is proving too many things, first, kids and dogs have the perfect relation together that they obey their little owner if they were well trained, secondly, pit bulls are not dangerous canines, they are very understanding and well behaved, all they need is a loving owner who give them a good life, and this girl proved it. Are you ready to count how many pit bulls this girl is controlling? They are about 6 pit bull dogs, this girl is adorable.

The four years old girl is controlling her 6 pit bull dogs for the feeding time. First, the little one ordered them to sit, some of the pit bull dogs didn’t obey the commands from the first time, so she called each one of them, and they finally obeyed her. What I like about this girl is the “thank you” she is saying, it’s a sweet thing to command our dogs politely, and it’s a great thing to teach our children that it’s a very nice thing to be polite even with our pets. The little girl then gave them the command to stay, and then she started to place the food for them on the floor, I really wonder how much dry food they are putting daily for the dogs. The dogs perfectly obeyed their little girl trainer and never moved, till she finished and started to count to 3, then she ordered the pit bull dogs to eat.


They are 6 pit bull dogs, living in the same home as a part of the family, they are obeying the little girl, she is controlling them, she is ordering the pit bulls when to do things. It will leave you speechless. Pit bull dogs are awesome, aren’t they?

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