A baby kitten was found in a granite yard, what happened next is miraculous

5-24-2015 9-54-35 PM

Every day we know about a story of survival, and we notice how inspiring and touching it is. This is the story of Rocket, the cute little kitten who was found abandoned in a granite yard. The kitten opened his eyes to find himself alone without a mother who is nursing him and protecting him, the little kitten was so scared that he was hiding underneath a palette that held very heavy countertop slabs.

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The baby kitten was rescued and taken to the shelter immediately, but sadly, the cats who are living there never accepted Rocket, they disliked him from the very first moment he was there, the shelter suggested to euthanize him, he was too young and there wasn’t a sign of his survival. Simply, shelters are not always able to provide the help and the time needed for every new comer, especially since it’s not easy at all to care about a little young kitten. But they decided never to give up on this pure little baby that deserves to live happily.

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Rocket was a baby kitten; he was in need for a bottle of milk each couple of hours. Thankfully, Rocket started to walk, grow bigger, started to purr loudly, and he loves to cuddle and have kisses, he is an amazing kitty. This cute one deserves a loving owner and a forever home; the little kitten will be ready for adoption after he completes 10 weeks old. Let me tell you, you will fall in love immediately when you see how beautiful Rocket is and how playful and funny he is. He is a lucky kitten that got a second chance at life, and now he is waiting to get the happy life that he deserves.

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