A baby plays adorably with a very gentle Husky

5-28-2015 11-45-39 AM

It’s one of the best videos ever that I saw showing a dog and his baby friend, this baby and his husky dog are playing in an adorable amazing way. This husky dog is very gentle and loving; he is cuddling and playing with his baby friend. This video is simply proving that dogs can be the best companions for everyone. It’s a one minute video but it’s the sweetest and the cutest of all.

5-28-2015 11-46-12 AM

I feel very curious when I see a video that shows a dog and a baby together, we know that if a dog and a baby are in the same room, those types of videos show that the deep bond created between babies and dogs is full of joy, cuteness and happiness. Shockingly, after all those videos that show how deep the relation is between them, we still see those heartless owners who give up on their dogs when they deliver a baby. They don’t actually know about that special relation between dogs and children; especially babies. It’s a very loving, caring, and protective relation. Those babies in this video are very lucky to have a dog friend who is caring and loving as them. I wonder how it will be when they grow up, and watch those amazing videos together. I hope that those babies and dogs will stay friends forever and always loyal to one another.

5-28-2015 11-46-44 AM

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