A beautiful dog tries to push up!

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Exercising with your dog is a great way for the two of you to strengthen your bond and to get some cardiovascular in at the same time. While canine/human workouts can be fun, they can also be dangerous if proper safety precautions are not taken. Follow the tips below when working out with your dog to ensure that you both are safe:

  1. Before exercising with your dog, make sure that he is physically fit enough to handle it.

Dogs should be evaluated by a veterinarian before starting a workout program. Also consider the dog’s age. Long distance workouts are not good for young and developing dogs and dogs that are too old may need to take it easy as well.

  1. Do not just dive into an exercise routine.

Work your way into a more intensive workout regimen. Start slow and always warm up. Gradually build up your and your dog’s stamina before attempting long and hard workouts.

  1. Consider your dog’s breed.

Some breeds are better equipped for harder exercise than others. Greyhounds, for example, do better with shorter sprints while pit bulls have a higher endurance and can tolerate longer distances.

  1. Whether you are running, biking, hiking, walking, or rollerblading with your dog, make sure that he stays to one side of you the entire time.

It’s essential that you train your dog to stick to one side of you and not to dart in front while exercising beside you. This could cause you to trip, which can result in injury to both of you. Dogs that pull on the leash can cause damage to their throat and can also throw you off balance.

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In this video, we will see Jasmine who is a very energetic and beautiful dog and loves to play around lives with her human Chris in Portland, who is fitness trainer, while, he is working out, his beautiful dog Jasmine tries to join on the workout or may be want to make it harder for him.

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