A Bicyclist Shot A Bronze Star Combat Dog Because He Threatened Him


We are sadly announcing this sad news, a bomb-sniffing combat dog was shot today and died after that. This dog was known that he earned two bronze stars during his serve in Iraq, this dog served at Special Operations Forces.

The dog is named Mike, the nine-year-old dog, the dog was retired, and living with his handler Ranger Matthew Bessler. They were together hunting in the Bighorn Mountains, but sadly something unexpected happen! The dog was shot dead by a bicyclist; he shot the dog after he felt that he is a threat.


Despite that there were no witnesses on what he did, the man who shot the dog told the police that he shot the animal with a revolver; he said also that he was using his bike to protect himself from the attack. He also said the dog was so aggressive with him, that’s what the owner didn’t believe! Because he knows that his dog is not aggressive at all.


It was known that Mike was there helping his owner to deal with PTSD symptoms, he was a loyal friend.

The dog’s retired handler said that his dog was so kind and loyal, he was old and calm, he was sharing everything with his owner. He can’t believe that his dog will use his force against anyone. He said that everybody was so much in love with him and with his temper, even strangers. People easily pet him at the streets.


Park County Sheriff Scott Steward said that if you are feeling scared from an animal or you are feeling that your life is in danger; you will act against the animal to protect yourself. So the man who shot the dog will not be charged to any case.

Now, you can click here to check the GoFundMe account that created for Mike to raise money to make a special funeral that suits a military dog, he deserves to be honored.