A cat decided to change her life and “Live a little bit more like a dog”

A cat decided to change her life and "Live a little bit more like a dog"

Nothing is better than commercial with animals in it, and this is an O2 commercial. We all know the differences between a cat and a dog, it bothers us some times but we love our cats. This cat figured out the difference between her and dogs, she thought about her boring life, the way she is living, every day is the same for her, most of the time she is aloof, everything for her is just a “meh”, and not playful. And so from this point, this deep decision has been made, she asked herself “why be so cat?”, then the cat decided to make a change in her life, she decided to be more dog. The cat decided to change her life, the cat ran like dogs, digging in the floor, eating everything, her vision to life has completely changed, chasing everything, playing with sticks, jumping in the water and swimming, grabbing the Frisbees, and the cat also ran with dogs. By the end the cat finds out that her life is way better if she lived it a little bit more like a dog. I think every cat owner should let his/her cat watch this commercial, you will love it.

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In O2 they think that the message behind this commercial is that you can learn a lot from dogs to have an amazing life like the one they have. So why are we all so bored? So why not take a walk on the dog side of life? Our world is full of great stuff that will make you happier, simply, we learn from dogs to look at life with more simple vision! So, be more dog!

Watch this amazing commercial and share it with your family and friends, help them to change their vision on life a little bit more.