A Cat Was Drowning, Check Who Showed Up And Rescued Her!

5-11-2016 3-00-44 PM

You know the expression “they are fighting like dogs and cats”. Dogs and cats will always be the most loving fre-enemies. They will always tease and piss each other but in fact, they won’t stand to live without each other.

If you are a pet owner for both dogs and cats, you will know how hard it is to keep both of them living peacefully  with the other under the same roof.

This is an extraordinary rescue story, it is about a cat who was saved  from drowning by a dog!

The stunning Labrador, who is, in fact, a lifeguard, is well trained for rescuing drowning people and he is very clever at that job. But in this special situation, he saved a cat that was drowning and took her into his safety net and then delivered her to the ground!

5-11-2016 3-01-02 PM

Dogs are great rescue and protective animals, but have you seen  a dog rescuing a cat before? For me, it is my first time to see that and I’m amazed!

The cat accidently fell into the river and she had a tiny hope for life, she was ready to face her final fate. But everything has changed when, out of sudden, a heroic dog showed up at the scene and saved her!

Watch the video, see the whole rescue and I’m pretty sure you will be amazed the same way I’m right now!

5-11-2016 3-01-35 PM

It is not a usual video that you can see every day but it is a great evidence that the relationship between dogs and cats, human’s most beloved pets, will always find its way!

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