A certain TV show decided to do something amazing for the homeless people and their pets!

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This story made me restore my faith in humanity. It’s amazing to see people doing nice things to people, who need a little bit of happiness in their lives, and I wish one day, the world will be just like Tom Mabe.
A TV-show called Prank It FWD is known for making pranks on people for fun, and people simply love these kinds of shows. But on this occasion, the show decided to pull pranks on people for good. Tom Mabe is known for his undying love for animals, so he decided to make some calls and contact a charity in Louisville called My Dog Eats First, and he asked to make a documentary on the homeless people and their companion pets they own. This charity gives medical treatments and focuses their attention on the homeless’ pets; the charity also gives food to the pets of the homeless.

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As they put their plan to action, they start filming on a very cold night, but Tom learns about a man, who is deadly ill, who also has a 12 year old dog named Buddy, as his lifetime companion. The man, Ricky, was told that he only has 6 months or less to live; Tom also came to learn that they were living in a truck!! So Tom being the most humane person ever, decided to do something for Ricky that will definitely warm your heart. You can see the amazing love that is shared between Buddy the dog and Ricky, they have been through a lot together and they deserve this amazing happy ending. The ending will warm your heart. The charity, My Dog Eats First, also gets an amazing and lovable surprise, and everyone is happy.
If this warmed your heart, try to do things like that, it will definitely make this world a better place.

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