A cop came to their house. But when they get back, they found their dog bled out with a note explaining why he was shot!


Angie Laymon was in church with her family, but when they came back, they were shocked terribly finding their beloved dog Bruno waiting for them on their porch as he was bleeding out!

In the beginning, they had no idea about what happened. However, they began to figure it out after they found the note left on their door by Rogers County police to explain what happened!

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Lymon posted to Facebook, “While we were at church, a disturbance happened at a neighbor’s house, and things ended up with a call to Rogers County Sheriff. Afterwards, a police officer came over our home, but none of us was there!”

According to Angie Kaemmerling Lymon, “My German Shepherd did not accept the deputy approaching to the house while no one is there. It is obvious that the officer kept approaching the house ignoring the dog’s warnings. Upon reaching the house, the police officer felt threatened and shot Bruno. After the deputy did not find anybody home, he taped a note to the door explaining that he shot my dog before leaving him bleeding out!”


While he was bleeding, Bruno faithfully waited for Laymon and her kids for 3 hours before they get back home. Anyone can imagine the reaction of the family when they found the amount of blood their beloved canine had lost while waiting all this time.

Lymon also wrote on Facebook, “This has been Senseless, unnecessary, and avoidable of course as the dog was just doing his job protecting his own turf. Besides, he was in my property interior with over than 100 meters!”

Lymon continues talking about the other most logic option that deputy had, rather than just leaving her dog bleeding, “In fact, any responsible human would call for a medical help for the poor injured animal! But to leave him suffering like this!”

The fox23 News has met the Sheriff’s Department. They told that they could not reach Lymon when they tried to contact her. But still no explanation from their side why they did not give any medical attention for her shot German shepherd!


When the family rushed Bruno to the vet to save his life, they were distraught as the doctors told them that his chance of surviving is 50/50. The worst time was when they believed that they would lose their beloved companion because they did not have the enough money for the urgent required surgery.

“Surgery to remove the bullet and save Bruno’s life would cost thousands of dollars. I will immediately begin what I believe is going to be a battle to force Rogers County to bear all the medical expenses required for treating Bruno” Lymon wrote on Facebook.

The good news is that Bruno survived his sufferance after some well-wishers have supported the family with the money they needed for their dog’s surgery. But unluckily, the vet could not save Bruno’s leg, which had to be amputated.


Since the day Lymon posted about the incident on Facebook, many dog lovers offered to help her with the case. Still, Lymon refuses to publish the name of the officer who shot her dog. She said that she does want to take the consequences of Bruno’s incident to turn the case into a personal revenge. Instead, she insists to deal with it in a patient and wise way. According to Lymon’s situation, it is obvious that all what Bruno’s family seeks is restitution and change.

Lymon posted later to Facebook, “What happened was horribly tragic, and the worst thing is that my children had to witness it. The incident have terribly broken their little hearts!” and, “Thousands of people compassionate with our beloved Bruno.”

Replying to whom wanted her to share the name of the officer responsible for this, Lymon wrote, “What if someone takes his name and decided to take revenge with their own hands? I would never give a reason for a second senseless tragedy.”


As a pet owner, I know exactly what this feels like. Dogs, or any other pets, must never be treated with such cruelty. They are not just pets to us. All what Lymon wants from Rogers County is to realize that pets must be dealt as family members. Protocol concerning to this must be reviewed carefully to avoid similar incidents in the future.

“We would like to know that every officer has to receive a professional training in order to be careful when dealing with pets, especially when being on private property” Lymon wrote on Facebook. “If an officer wounds an animal, it is never satisfying for their family to let them bleeding and leave them alone with a note. That is why there must be a protocol on support and treatment in case this happens to any other animal.”

Thank God Bruno is alive and in good caring hands with Lymon and her family. “Although he has lost his leg, we are grateful he still with us” Lymon said. “At the end of the day, a leg or no leg, all what matters to us is that he will get to come home” she added.

As animal owners, we hope that Roger’s County Sheriff’s Office, and every police office, must put their related protocols under a precise examination. Additionally, I think that all animal lovers totally agree with Lymon that, “all officers have to pass a better training for better and proper dealing with any animal” for the sakes of our canine family members.

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