A cute bird takes a bath in its owner’s hand; it’s the best thing to see today.

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Prepare yourself for something that you didn’t see before! I’ve never seen a bird that is having fun in water, but this bird is, and believe me, it’s a cuteness overload! This is the owner of the bird, he decided to make some fun time with his bird so he went to the sink and let the water fill his hands, when he started, his bird came to him and stood on his arms trying to figure out what he is doing, but when it noticed that there is a tiny “pool” had been formed in his hands, the bird didn’t hesitate to jump in and had some splashes. It’s adorably amazing, this bird is beautiful, and it’s the best bird bath ever!

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After the video was uploaded on YouTube, it gained about more than 800,000 views; all were amazed by how adorable that bird is. This bird’s specie is European goldfinch. It’s one of the most beautiful bird species. The European goldfinch is about 12 to 13 cm; their weight is about 13 to 14 grams. Their colors are beautiful, the red face, the black and white head and black and yellow wings. It’s known that the male goldfinch is having a little darker red face and more black color on the whole body.

No one ever gets bored from watching birds, especially when they do some weird things that we never expect from them. Watch this video of a bird that was rescued, what happened when she was reunited with its family was very touching. Don’t miss also to watch this video of a funny hummingbird making some special noises while sleeping, you will be totally surprised.

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Have you ever had a bird as your pet? This video will encourage you to have one. Watch this cute video below, and if you find it stunning, don’t hesitate to share it with your family and friends.