A cute dolphin jumps up to give the dog a few kisses.

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I haven’t seen a beautiful video like this since a long time; I am totally amazed by it. This is an award-winning IMAX classic DOLPHINS by MacGillivray Freeman Films and the movie is all about amazing dolphins. One scene in that movie was about a dolphin who was playing with the two dogs, he raises up itself and gave a kiss to the dog, isn’t it amazing? After that, the dolphin jumped in joy. It’s the cutest thing to see today. This video is a proof how animal’s love is amazing; it’s amazing to watch this bond that was created instantly between the dog and the dolphin. It’s amazing and pure, and animal’s love has no limits or condition. The size, the color, the type, the shape, the breed, those things don’t matter at all, all what matters is the real love, and the strong bond.

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No one can hate dolphins, they are man’s friends, and also they are the best type of fish for kids. Knowing more about their life and how they live is amazing, so here are some adorable and stunning facts about our beloved dolphins. Surprisingly, dolphins can’t stay underwater for more than 15 minutes because they can’t breathe underwater, also dolphins live in groups that contain from 10 to 12 dolphins. About the breeds, there are 36 breeds of ocean dolphins and about 5 breads of river dolphins, and the largest dolphin is the killer whale, actually it is called OCRA. Dolphins communicate by sounds and whispers they do under water.

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Dolphins are always making amazing friendships with dogs, watch this video of Ben the Labrador dog and his dolphin friend and see them while they swim together. Don’t miss also to watch this video of this German shepherd dog that got curious with dolphins, what he did in the end was totally unexpected.