A cute French bulldog loves her cuddle spot!

4-26-2015 2-00-06 PM

French bulldog is a good lap dog, it’s the best moment for her to cuddle and feel loved, but this French bulldog has a special explanation about “cuddles”, you won’t believe what she is doing, it’s something that I’ve never seen like before. This French bulldog has a very special spot to cuddle. Each time her owner tried to push her back, she moves and goes back to her cuddle spot, no one ever can push her away from grandma’s cozy arm! It’s a very heartwarming moment; does your dog do the same?

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French bulldogs are one of the most amazing breeds. They are the funniest! It’s well-known with the sweetest and gentle dogs, and it’s completely true, they are kind and loving. They are a companion dog; with a life span from 8 to 12 years old. A French bulldog is very sensitive during cold weather, and also hot weather, so if you noticed that your dog is getting tired or overheated, take him home immediately. And always offer them a good weather in your home. You have to care about bulldog’s food, and what he is eating, you have to know that if they get the chance to eat more, they will, that’s why gaining weight is very easy for bulldogs so you have to take care of it. So the best amount for daily food for the bulldog is from 1/2 to 2 cups daily divided in two meals, this amount will be healthy for them.

No one can get enough of those cute dogs, watch this video of a sleepy French bulldog puppy in a bow tie who is taking a nap, he is adorably cute.

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