A cute Saluki dog takes his “Traveling Bed” to sit in warm sunny spots.

5-11-2015 2-58-03 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Mr. Fry, the Saluki mix dog and the cutest on the planet. This Saluki dog loves to sit in the sun and enjoy the warm sun rays especially in those cold days. So when the sun rays entered the home through that window, he grabbed his bed from inside and put it in front of the window at the sunny spot in front of it.

The owners of this cute Saluki dog said also that he is treating his bed as a traveler buddy; he is moving it all over the house whatever the situation is, if they are sitting in a room, he would grab his bed to be beside them. They said also that their dog has a great temper, that’s why he is a therapy dog at the Sunrise Senior Living in Tucson, Arizona, and surprisingly, he takes his bed with him, that’s why they call that bed the “travelling bed”, and each time he is in a visit, the bed is his own companion.

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Saluki dog breeds already have a calm, good temper. This breed is one of the oldest breeds ever, they are known for their incredible speed, the Saluki dogs are fast as wind, they are known also for their skinny body that some people call the dogs’ supermodel. They have an amazing temper, they are very friendly to the people around them and they get devoted to them by the time, they are also very easy to groom but not very easy to train. Their lifespan is from 12 to 14 years old. Saluki dogs are known for their amazing personality especially with kids and other animals.

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Does your dog love to sit in sunny spots? Watch this cute video below and share it with your family and friends.