A Dachshund dog defends a girl from a big dog attack, and dies shortly after the incident.

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Thousands of times, dogs have proven to us how brave and loyal to us, their owners. Whether you feed your dog or you don’t, whether you treat him right or you don’t, he will always stand by your side, protecting you.

That’s what Leo the brave Dachshund dog had done when he heard his friend, Nikolina Vucetic, screaming, and the reason was the neighbor’s dog that came to attack her out of nowhere. The huge misfortune happened when Leo passed away, because the dog that attacked Nikolina was a huge dog, and he was a bull-mastiff cross-breed.

Last year, as Nikolina was returning home from her friend’s house, when all of a sudden, their neighbor’s guard dog came out at her, jumped on her from behind, and grabbed her arm. The dog nailed the girl on the ground, and he kept pulling her right and left with his jaw. However, thankfully, when Leo the brave Dachshund dog heard Nikolina’s screams, he came out to her and bit the huge dog’s leg. The dog let go of Nikolina and looked around, and then just stormed at Leo.

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Sadly, Leo the brave, yet too small for the fight, Dachshund dog was too weak, he didn’t stand a chance, and his injuries were too severe that vets couldn’t do anything. Leo passed away two days after the incident. Leo was known for the dog that was likely to jump on your lap and just cuddle, but he proved to everyone that he is courageous and he would do anything just to defend his owner.

In honor of the brave dog, the town decided to build a bronze statue of Leo, and put it in the Pancevo Park, in Pancevo, Serbia. What a great way to honor that dog, Leo definitely showed us that bravery has no limits. I’m pretty sure Nikolina is thankful for Leo, everyone is.

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Giving the children a moral lesson, the inscription on the statue reads: “To all the small heroes with big hearts.”