A Doberman plays hide and seek, but guess what this excitement is for?

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If you are scared of Doberman dogs and think that they are tough big dogs who are only ready to guard and fight, watch this, because Doberman dogs are one of the most kind, loyal and gentle breeds. You will know that Doberman can not only cause a lot of tenderness, but also a little laugh. So here in this video, you are about to meet Meari, a 14 months old sweet Doberman playing with her human hide-and-seek. The Doberman had gone hilarious and crazy, running everywhere, wagging her tail, getting excited for the big game. The dog looks really good and she is very cute. And let me tell you that the look on the Doberman face is too funny. All of us know how much Doberman dogs are extremely playful and energetic. Besides, their loving character and their smartness makes them very easy to train. The Doberman dog runs back and forth trying to hide and then goes back to her owner and then barks at him. She was very excited and energetic, her eyes were sparkling. I wonder how the game ended.

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Doberman is one of the best dog breeds, and they are very good to other pets which are not known about them. Their life span is about 10 to 11 years, it weighs from 27 to 45 kg, and the males are heavier than the females. The country of origin is Germany. The Doberman is strong, full of energy; they are loyal and protective, also very easy to train because they are very smart. Maybe they used as a guarding dogs and k9 dogs but they are the kindest ever.

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