A dog adopts two kittens, and their relationship with each other is heartwarming!

I like those videos that show us the amazing relation between dogs and other animals. This is a beautiful story that shows you how animals are kind with each other; I am totally amazed by what I am watching in this video. Who said that cats and dogs can’t be friends? Who said that dogs can’t be a foster mother for kittens? Well, whoever said that, I suggest they see this video, and ready this story, because they will definitely be amazed.

Here you will meet Ms. Jackson, the rescue dog that took in two homeless kittens, and gladly became their mother. Ms. Jackson was adopted by a family that fosters homeless kittens, and so when those two kittens was brought in the house, Ms. Jackson’s motherly instinct showed up, and she started caring and nursing these adorable kittens. It seems that the kittens love her mom very much, they love cuddling with her! See the pictures below!

1.They are like her new babies and it’s kind of awesome.


2.She’s also very protective…


3.She always wants them by her side.


4.She doesn’t mind the way they play on top of her!


5.They just love snuggling with her, don’t they?


6.They pretty much love climbing on her head, too.




8.Time for a nap, momma!


9.Look at how adorable they are!


We didn’t find an exit’s really miraculous and truly adorable, isn’t it? It’s amazing how they also don’t fear her at all! The love that she has for them is beautiful, she is so friendly. These kittens are so lucky to have her as a mother, aren’t they? We are also so thankful for those people who save and help homeless, abandoned cats and dogs. You are restoring my faith in humanity, and I wish all humans on this earth are like you.

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