A dog playing peek-a-boo despite her diagnose with mega-esophagus.

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When you see a disabled dog, your heart feels broken, but when you see that the dog is having fun, facing the difficulties, getting over his disabilities, you feel then how strong dogs are, and how can they inspire you. In this video, you will meet Abigail, a dog that was diagnosed with mega-esophagus. When dogs are diagnosed with this disease, the esophagus is enlarged and does not get the food to the stomach. So due to that, Abigail needed a high chair to be able to swallow the food. Thankfully, Abigail has a loving and caring family who did not even think for a second about abandoning her. They worked together and made Abigail a high chair. Since they made her the chair, Abigail had her happiness back and she is now eating healthier.

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Abigail’s owner said that as long as Abigail eats in the chair, she is happier and healthier. A proof that she is happier, you will see in this video how Abigail is having a wonderful time while playing Peek-a-boo in her high chair with her owner. She’s adorable, and irresistible.
It’s amazing how some people would cross seas to make their dogs happy, it’s amazing to see people being just as loyal as dogs are for them.
So have you ever tried it to play Peek-a-boo with your dog? Someone here tried to play it with another one, a dolphin! This girl was in the aquarium to spend a fun day there, but she didn’t know that the sweetest thing will happen with her later. The girl started to play a very funny game with the dolphins in the pool, called Peek-a-boo. It’s unbelievable how they played with her! Watch it by yourself in this video!

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