A dog rescued and finds his incredible forever dream home!

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In Michigan, a passerby saw a white dog in the Michigan lake icy waters. Obviously, the poor dog fell accidently through the ice, and he nearly drowned when his rescuer saw him struggling for his life. Luckily for Michigan, as named later, the woman had quickly called the police who immediately came to rescue him. Michigan was brought to the Wisconsin Human Society where he was treated until he recovered from hypothermia, but they were not able to locate his owners.

Michigan’s dramatic rescue story had been on TV, and it was clear that no one wanted to claim his ownership. What happened next was really heartwarming, as people saw Michigan on TV, hundreds applied to adopt the surviving pup. At the Wisconsin Human Society, all applications had been reviewed, and Brenda Thompson was picked to be Michigan’s new owner.

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According to an interview with TMJ4, Brenda, wanted to be Michigan’s owner from the very moment she saw him on T.V.  She immediately visited the shelter to apply for adoption.  She has been there every day since she heard of Michigan’s story. Brenda planned  and shared her plans for Michigan; she wanted to make sure he had a good fresh start.

Brenda officially adopted Michigan.  She enjoyed taking him nice relaxing walks, buying him new toys and furniture.

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What an amazing plan and beautiful start for Michigan in his new forever home. He is lucky to be owned by Brenda, and it just seems that they are going to be great friends! Not long after Michigan was adopted, Brenda adopted a black Labrador.  Michigan was surprised and of course pleased, as he showed great social skills and the two dogs get on well with one another!

Watch the video below that shows the beautiful moment Brenda came to pick Michigan up from the shelter.
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