A dog that was left abandoned, with knotted fur and no food, see her amazing transformation.


Every day we hear a new story about dogs that got abused by their so called owners. When our dogs give us everything, including protection and loyalty, and love, we reward them with abusing them, torturing them even, and dumping them in the streets. Some people reward their dogs with tying them in a tree and leave them abandoned and thirsty, with no one to love them. Others hit them; others just throw them in front of shelters, or in the streets with no food or water. Yet their dogs don’t do anything about it, because they simply can’t; they know that they can’t because these are their owners, and their loyalty for them is endless, no matter what. But as humans, people don’t even care about their dogs’ feelings.


This story is painful to read, but people need to know what happens to our loyal dogs from heartless people who do not deserve living on this planet. This is an amazing transformation of a Shih Tzu dog, named Sury, it will warm your heart.

Sury was found by Jasper County Animal Rescue, right in front of their shelter. They found her abandoned, full of fleas, and cockroaches were using her fur as nests. You won’t recognize her in the end.


They believe that the dog is 10 years old, but the neglect she had been going through seems to have been going on for several months.

She was dumped in front of the shelter with her carrier, and they found that she had eye and ear infections, also old, moldy food.

They got the name as an abbreviation for survivor, what a fitting name!

Now after almost five hours of grooming and getting rid of the knotted fur, it’s time to get her healthy again.

You can see now how far she has gone; it was definitely worth the wait.


She went through rough times, but they say you have to go through the storm in order to see the rainbow.

Now Sury is ready for her forever home; who wouldn’t like adopting this beauty? She also has lots of love to give!

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