A dog waited two months for his owner who dumped him, but a miracle happened.


It’s very heartbreaking to see dogs that are left abandoned by their families and left in the streets to die, some people give up on their dogs because of many reasons. And this dog is one of those who are abandoned by his family. This dog’s story is very touching and it will leave you in tears.


The family of this dog dumped him and left him abandoned in one of the roads in Thailand. The dog lived in the street for complete two months. The dog was full of hope, wishing that one day; his owner will return and take him back home.


People noticed the dog, they saw the dog every day when they passed across the road, and they were also waiting and hoping that one day his heartless owner will come back for him one day.

Every day he noticed that the dog never moved from his place, and also no one came for him.


Some kind hearted people decided to help the abandoned dog, but the dog’s spirit was broken, he was terrified and he never let anyone come close to him.

The people didn’t give up so they put umbrellas to protect him from the sun.


They also offered him food and water to eat; the dog ate some if it and then he went back and continued watching the street waiting for his owner to come.

But he didn’t come near the shelter they made for him, he kept on waiting.


The photos of the dog went viral, and his story was told all over the country, people were asking for help for that dog.

The photos reached Soi Dog Rescue, and thankfully they rescued him and they took him to his shelter. And the amazing news is that the dog was also adopted after a few days.