A Dog Was Covered In Chemical Burns Get The His Happy Ending


Harrison was born as any regular puppy. He was totally normal and he didn’t suffer from any defects. All that he wanted and ever wished for was growing up in a loving home.

Sadly, his wish didn’t come true!

Because of mysterious circumstances, Harrison became deadly burned  by chemical. He was taken to Vet Ranch in a horrible way!

He suffered a serious mange, bacterial infections and he was taken to another shelter before arriving Vet Ranch couple weeks earlier. This would make you imagine how horrible his shape was and even worse than the way he looked at first arriving Vet Ranch.

His eyes are burned and the vet doesn’t really know if this happened due to a chemical burning or not. He looked severely in pain and sad.

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The vet decided to help the poor dog with the best thing he can to make him a healthy and happy dog. So the recovery journey has just begun! The vet said “He has a rough start to his life, hopefully we can make the rest of it a lot better”.

On day one, the dog was given a bath because he was so nasty and needed to be cleaned up. Watch the video to see how the dog looked after six weeks, Oh, my god! you won’t believe your own eyes!

The dog’s real spirit begin to appear, he is a loving, fluffy and playful. Although how amazing he is, he still looks pretty terrible!

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Everyday dogs like Harrison find themselves living at shelters and have to adapt to new lives at new places. The animal abuse and cruelty must be stopped! This suffering must come to an end!

If you think you can help any of these innocent souls, please check Vet Ranch website to see what you can offer for them. Please, share this story with your family and friends!

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