A Dog Was Living In A Trench Next To A Biohazard Disposal Company, Watch His Rescue Now

10-7-2015 4-13-37 PM

Hope For Paws is surprising us yet again with another heartwarming rescue story, their hard work is amazing, and they are simply my heroes. They have done so many rescues for so many animals living in the streets, and they saved their lives, giving them the life they deserved. And now, they have done it again, and rescued a lonely dog living in a trench next to a biohazard disposal company. Eldad Hagar and Liza Chiarelli were the ones who saved the poor dog, and you will see the rescue in the video.

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When the pair reached the destined place, they saw the dog, and they tried getting closer. The dog at first came really close to them, he was very curious about the pair, but then he started barking and growling, and he ran away. He kept on running, stopping to look back, and Eldad kept on trying to get his attention but it was no use. The dog was absolutely terrified, and sadly, he ran away. They couldn’t catch him, and so they said they would come back tomorrow.

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On day 2, they decided to split up so the dog wouldn’t run away again, and they both entered from opposite sides. By the time Eldad reached Lisa in the end of the trench, Lisa got hold of the dog, and she already placed the lucky leash on him. The dog seems to have realized that they were not here to harm him, but to help him, and he showed the good side of his personality. He started taking the treats they got him, and he let Lisa pet him; turns out, he absolutely adores petting.

They took the dog to get the medical check he needs, and they gave him a shower, look how beautiful he looks now! They decided to name him Angelo, and he is not at a foster home with two other dogs. He is an absolute cutie, and anyone would fall in love with him. You can adopt him here, and you can always donate to Hope For Paws to help them rescue more dogs here. OR you can share this heartwarming story, encourage you friends on donating too!