A fake policeman stole this homeless man’s dog, but it ends in an amazing way.


It’s a very touching story that shows how the bond between dogs and their owners are strong. It all started when that poor homeless man was sitting in the street with his dog, when a fake policeman stole the homeless man’s dog who named Treacle. The fake police officer was close to London Bridge on Wednesday night, the fake policeman said to the homeless man that he has to pay to get his dog back. The homeless man was unable to cope without Treacle, she was all that he got and it was a horrible thing for him to lose her, he was in a complete mess, he wasn’t able to speak, feeling lost without her, if he has money he will never hesitate to pay and take her. A hashtag was created on social media #helpfindtreacle to help that homeless man find his beloved dog and reunite with her.

Thankfully, in the end he got her back; the story of that man went viral all over the internet, people shared the amazing picture of him reuniting with his beloved dog after he was reunited with her, he was hugging her lovingly, she is his precious four legged friend.

Nothing is more precious than having a dog, dogs have that strong bond between them and the ones they love; they are very loyal and protective. They will never forget them. The most precious and amazing thing ever in life is having a loyal, loving dog.


This story is so close to that of this homeless man who lives in the streets rather than leaving his pit bull dog abandoned, it’s a very touching story showing the amazing bond between man and dog.

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