A family gave up on its dog because they do not have time for him, and the dog reacted by shaking his owner’s hand.

We just don’t have enough time for him anymore.”

This is what many of shelter workers, volunteers, and rescuers have heard from owners who give up on their dogs, and this is what the workers at West Valley Animal Shelter have heard from Rocky’s owners.

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Many people give up on their dogs when they get older, or when they “don’t have time anymore” for their dogs. It’s an excuse that has been a justification for all dog owners and it’s just pathetic. People need to know that when getting a dog, you’re responsible for it till the day he dies. You have a dog and you are committed to it till their lifespan is over, which usually doesn’t get longer than 15 years. Some owners’ excuses are forgivable, like the death of an owner, but Rocky’s owner’s excuse is unforgivable, and does not even make sense.

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Meet Rocky, the faithful, nine-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, and he was dumped by his owner in the shelter. However, the whole point of this is that the dog did something shocking. He shook his owner’s hand, as if telling him, thank you for all the amazing years. The story takes place in Chatsworth, California, and thankfully, the dog is now adopted.


Rocky had gone through many hard things, he even reached a time that he had to be euthanized, but thankfully, he is fine now. Rocky was adopted by a nice family, said Jen Stuart, the woman who took care of Rocky till he was all well again and got adopted. We’re all so thankful for all the love and care given at the shelter, and the love and care that were given to Rocky the dog. He finally got the life he deserves, and he is with a family that, no matter what, would have time for him, always.