A German shepherd dog fell down a 20 foot deep well, see what happened next!


This is one of the most amazing videos that I’ve ever read about, it all started when a German shepherd dog fell down a 20 foot deep well, it was hard yet amazing. Thankfully, the German shepherd dog got a second chance at life.

Someone saw the German shepherd dog and heard his barks and howls, so he called the rescue immediately. The firefighters came immediately for the rescue, they are not sure for how much the dog stayed inside the well, but the firefighters used a ladder to climb down the well and caught the dog. And thankfully, they helped the German shepherd dog to get out, they took the dog immediately to the vet for the medical check, and thankfully they found that the German shepherd dog is healthy.

Later he was reunited with his family, the German shepherd dog was reported as missing for 12 hours, and thankfully he is now safe with his family.


The firefighters said that the German shepherd dog was very grateful when they rescued him, he thanked him in a very special way, and they said that during the rescue, the dog was very friendly, he knew that they were there to help him. And when they were out, the dog was very happy wagging his tail and he wanted some belly rubs.

As always, firefighters are there for saving animals in need. We are very thankfully for those firefighters who were there for this dog, we are very thankful because he was finally saved.


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