A goodbye to their military dog, what they did for her is heartwarming.

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Dogs are our lifetime companions. They seem to always know what to do, and when to make us feel on top of the world. They teach us a lot of morals, and we are forever thankful for our pals. All dogs touch us and their paws are forever printed on our hearts, they leave a mark after their passing, and it hurts so much seeing them in pain, or dying after living with them through our life journey, them never leaving us a moment. This is how Daysi’s, the military dog, team felt when they knew she was diagnosed by terminal cancer. As known, dogs serve a special motive every day for us, and whether dogs are police dogs, therapy dogs, or like Daysi, a military dog. Dogs who serve for a special purpose are not only our loyal companions, they are also the brave ones who stood side by side with us, they are the hardworking service dogs and we are forever thankful for them for saving us from every single danger, and for them being just the way they are.

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Days worked with millions of men and women in the US Army’s 802 and Security Squardon, and when Daysi the military dog’s team knew she had terminal cancer, they all were heartbroken.
Before Daysi’s gets euthanized, her team decided to say goodbye in a heartwarming yet heart wrenching way. They decided to show her how much they loved her deeply, and how much they appreciated her hard work. Daysi the military dog was very beautiful, it hurts to know that the tumor was causing her pain, she deserved all happiness and relaxation, and we hope she rests in peace.
All appreciation goes to our service dogs, we are so thankful for your hard work.

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