A group of people sailing in a boat, what happened next was terrifying

When you are sailing in a boat in the middle of the sea, you have to expect anything then. You will meet lots types of sea creatures. This group of people was boating off the Coast of Savary Island in British Columbia, Canada. They never expected this heart pounding moment, when a killer whale surprised them by jumping out of the see, the whale breaches right in front of them, he totally freaked them out. Everyone on the boat was so scared. It was a perfect moment to capture. It’s an exhilarating moment.

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Boaters free a baby sea turtle from a big bag caught on its fin!

Killer Whale is so well known whale breed, their scientific name is not killer whale, and it’s an Orcinus orca, and most peoplecall it Orca. So why is it called a killer whale despite having this pretty name?Sailors are those who called it with that name because they saw him attacking other whales, so by time the name was reserved to other people, and so on. Surprisingly, the Orca is not a fish! It’s just a marine mammal. And also it is not a whale, it’s a dolphin breed. Another surprising fact is that killer whales actually can eat sharks, white sharks and rays, and some types of fishes. Orca is a very social creature that lives in groups, the group is called pod.

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This seal was lost, but these dolphins came to lead him back

How would you react if you are in the same situation? For me, I think I will make it the last time to get on boat. This video is the one that you have to share with your family and friends. Watch the video and share this heart pounding moment with them.

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