A Heartbreaking Video Of A Frightened Dolphin That Threw Itself At Man’s Feet To Escape From Hunters


This video is another proof of how heartless people are, These hunters making yet another bloodbath in Taiji, Japan, and it’s hard to witness, read or even write something about this! In this heartbreaking video, some people are witnessing the killing of the dolphins, standing there helplessly, unable to rescue the dolphins.

One of the witnesses who appeared in this video was Ric O’Barry who is the founder of The Dolphin Project, you will see in this video a dolphin family who were totally panicked, it was like they are asking for help and protection, they are trying their best to escape, but they are surrounded with nets. They can’t make a way to escape, but sadly they end up so close to the shore, which was tighter, and made it easier to the hunters to kill them.


One of the things that happened with Ric O’Barry, is when one of the frightened dolphins made his way to a rock, he kept on rolling on his back, trying to escape, he was asking for help, he was so scared from those killers, but sadly Ric O’Barry couldn’t offer the dolphin any help, simply if he thought about rescuing the dolphin, he would be arrested immediately as he explained, because actually the police is all over the place, protecting and making it easier on those heartless killers, and arresting those who are protecting dolphins!


Ric described it as an awful thing to witness, that panicked dolphin made him feel how weak he is. After few minutes, those heartless hunters grabbed the dolphin by a fin, and pushed him out of water. The dolphin tried to escape till the last minute but sadly he sank in the bottom, so they sent a diver to bring him out.

Numbers are scary, more than 20,000 dolphins are killed in japan annually, and as O’Barry said, those who are hunting dolphins are the cruelest ever on earth. I think that those amazing creatures will live in peace only when humans are extinct.