A Heartless owner left her dogs starving for four weeks after she broke up with her boyfriend


There are a lot of heartless people living in this world; every day we know a story about dogs that paid their lives because of their owners’ irresponsible acts. What this owner did is horrible! She was the reason of the death of two dogs.

A heartless single mother decided to leave her home after she broke up with her boyfriend! She left her two dogs and her two cats with no food or water for about four weeks, she locked them in the house and left them starving. It led for the death of two dogs. So she took the dead bodies and threw them in the trash.


The two Staffordshire Bull terriers, one is 12 month old puppy and the other is 18 month old were left alone without food or water, they were desperately starving that they tried to eat empty bags and tin cans, also old clothes and bare cupboards.


The police found the bodies of the two dogs in the back yard with the trash. She said that she wasn’t ready to look after them after she broke up with her boyfriend, so instead of finding a forever home for them, she killed them. She returned to her home through the four weeks but she didn’t give her pets any food or water. After investigations, she was handed an 18 week suspended prison and ordered to pay £280and an £80 victim surcharge and was also banned from keeping pets forever.


The dogs died in a very horrible way, their death was slow and painful. As the neighborhood said she is known as a dog killer in the neighborhood. The one who discovered the crime was her daughter’s teacher who came to check onher because of the absence of her daughter from school. Being unable to cope with your pets is not a reason to kill such innocent souls.