A horse dances with a ballerina for the new O.P.I magnificent commercial.


I know that every girl will be very interested to see the new O.P.I commercial, because it’s mind blowing. As we know, horses give a magical touch to any commercial they are in. Under the motto of Instinct of Colors, this incredible commercial features a stunning black horse which they call Lady in Black, and a group of four women, and they are just “dancing”. They chose four types of dancing; the group of women included a ballerina and a hip-hop dancer. Because of the commercial is about nail polish, in each dance, the horse’s hoofs changed its color. The horse preforms some dances with the women, and it was incredibly stunning.


Some scenes of this video was edited by some digital animation effects, which was from my point of view a weakness point in the commercial, we know that horses already interacts with music, all what they needed is a well-trained horse. And it was the same point that viewers commented about, if the commercial hadn’t had any type of animation editing, it would have been way better. But despite it all, the commercial is magical, and the featuring song ‘Down the Road’ by French DJs C2C gave it more awesomeness.

When there is a horse in a commercial, you have to know that it’s an awesome one, like those Budweiser commercials, they use horses in most of their campaigns. Watch this video of this Budweiser commercial, it is fascinating, it’s all about a puppy and a Clydesdales love. Don’t miss also to watch this Budweiser commercial that is starring just horses, it’s one of the best commercials ever.

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